Update on Postbox

Hello all,

I have been using Postbox for a few days now and I am happy with it.  I will pay for it.  It works better than Apple Mail – particularly with Google.  It is very similar to Apple Mail but with more features.  I have some specific comments I share below.

  • Install took about 5 – 10 minutes.  I did not use a clean install but rather imported things from Apple Mail.  Worked great – but did not bring my signatures (or rules) across.
  • Not sure what Password Manager was at first so said no to it, but after second or third prompt I did in fact use it.  I believe it will prompt every time it connects to upload / download email.
  • I attached Postbox to Dropbox as I love the feature where if I drag a file from the Dropbox Shared folder and drop it on an email the URL’s will be done automatically for me.
  • I started the indexing manually (Tools / Indexing / Index all folders) and it downloaded all email messages first and than did the index.  Took a few minutes.
  • My first impression was very similar but with a hint of power.
  • It pulls in pictures for people from a variety of places – I did hook it up to Twitter too and I quite like that.
  • It handles message threads a little different but still easy to work with.
  • I am not using any extensions – I don’t currently need any.  I am not using the Lightning extension to bring Google Calendar inside Postbox.
  • I tested on Retina MBP with no issues.

I will share more as I learn more, but for now I can say it is worth the 10 US$ to purchase – and I will.  Several things I did not like between Apple Mail and Google do not occur any longer and there is more functionality here that I can grow into if I want.


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