Installing Postbox – things to be aware of

Hello again,

Installing Postbox is pretty basic so I will not detail it here.  But I will mention a few things.

  • During the start of the install you are prompted for Clean install or Apple Mail.


  • I suggest you use Clean if you can, but I did use Apple Mail with no issues.
  • I don’t think I would use it as an RSS client since there is such good RSS clients out there – like ReadKit.
  • Use the Password Manager – too bad it is not better integrated with Keychain.
  • Some help to get you going can be found here.
  • Get an idea of the features here.
  • Don’t forget you can turn off Postbox and start Apple Mail and continue on.
  • The rules are more easily found in Postbox rather than Apple Mail – Tools / Message Filters.
  • Color incoming mail is something that is very easy in Apple Mail and is not easy or clear in Postbox.  I will need to test more and write it up.
  • Remember to watch this for my articles on this subject.

I hope this is helpful.  If you would have had me do the install process let me know.


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