Where do I work? – DataGravity!!

Hi all,

I heard some chat about where people work, and where they pretend to work on Twitter and I thought I would mention where I work.  I am a Product Manager at DataGravity.  Two of us – Steve Kearns, and I, are the PMs for a secret product.  It is great fun working with engineers and bringing customer understanding to the mix, and solving real customer issues.  Since it is a start-up, you have a lot of different opportunities – like I was helping with some ideas and thoughts on Technical Marketing yesterday.  So really a lot of fun.  You will learn more as time goes on, and that I promise!

Update: I just read a comparison between Microsoft and VMware that a Microsoft person did.  It was poorly done. I will try and avoid comparing my product with others in the industry since the majority of them have value, and solve customer issues.  But, if I need to compare, I promise to be honest, and ethical, and realistic.  I expect to see a lot of FUD come out this year about our product.  I expect much of it to be dishonest, and some of it to be almost true, and I will work hard to not play that game.  I promise.


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