What software do I use on my work MacBook Pro – 2014?

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I always like to read this sort of thing that other people that I know or respect do.  Sometimes I find some a real gem of software.  So here is my software that I think important.  Some of them cost money to buy and I use my own money to buy them although my employer does – thanks very much – pay for the Office!  Incidentally, this is about the same as my home iMac too.

  • Trend – I use Trend Micro Titanium that includes three license’s so that covers off my Macs.  It does Mac or PC and does it quite well.  It works better than other choices I have used.
  • 1Password – this is the best and for something like protecting my passwords I want the best.  I really recommend this tool.
  • Aperture – I do take a few pictures, and to organize and manage them I find Aperture to be the best tool for me.  I quite like being able to use iPhoto though to do a calendar or Christmas card, but yet my pictures are still in Aperture.
  • OmniGraffle – this is the most expensive thing on the list but I really need a diagramming tool, and one that is Mac and this is the best, and only choice.  Don’t forget about Graffletopia that has a lot of useful stencils.
  • VMware Horizon View – Mac client – definitely well used when I am on the road as I need a great and dependable link back to my home lab.
  • VMware Fusion – I try to NOT work in Windows, but when I do I have a Window VM handy through Fusion.  Works great.
  • Jump Desktop – this is the best RDP (and VNC) client I have used.  It does a lot and in an easy to understand and exploit.  Especially good around display sizes.  So I love this tool and all my Macs have it.
  • Evernote – I have a premium account with these people since I believe in them strongly.  I use this product for a number of things like organizing blog / newsletter subjects, or meeting minutes, or info on people to track and many more.  Works great, and it works great on my iPhone, iPad, Mac and Web so it is always very handy.
  • iStat Menus by Bjango is a useful utility that I use to keep track better of my system activities.
  • CrashPlan – I have lost data before, and I have had customers of mine lose data before, so of course that means I take great care of backups.  I use CrashPlan to backup much of my data offsite.  It does not do an image to help recover disk issues, nor does it protect other things I have in the cloud like music or videos, but all my key data is protected with it and I can get to it via the web or an iPhone app as necessary.  It is the best service of its type – best price / terms / UI and overall quality.  I have the family option.
  • Time Machine – I do use Time Machine for local backups.  A very nice UI, fast, and easy are all good reasons to use TM, but I also use it since it ties in so well with installs.  Just in case!
  • SuperDuper – I have CrashPlan for off-site backups, Time Machine for on-site backups, and I use SuperDuper to get an image backup.  If I lose a disk, I can boot with SuperDuper, which gets me functional quickly, and than I use TM to update to latest.
  • Dropbox – Need I say why I use Dropbox?  It works great, on lots of devices, and is easy.  And it has never gone down for me.
  • Growl – I used to use Growl to provide a notification service for many of the apps that I use on my Mac, but now I mostly use it to forward things to the Apple Notification service.  It really does so much more than that though!
  • Tweetbot – I am a complete amateur for Tweeting, but several people suggest I get a good tool, and the best tool is Tweetbot.  Both on the Mac, and iPhone / iPad.  And after using this software for a number of months I understand it is worth every penny.
  • Microsoft Office – I do use the Office programs as Word and Excel are very full featured standards and hard to avoid.
  • Skype – A great tool to instant message and talk to co-workers and friends.
  • TextMate – this is my favorite text editor tool.  I use the preview 2.0 version.  I have heard from several guys I know that spend a lot of time in editors that Sublime Text is the way to go.  I may check it out.
  • NetNewsWire – this is my tool for reading RSS which is still a very powerful way to keep track of a lot of web sites.  Still I bear a grudge for Google when they stopped the Reader service.
  • Cadent wineCellar – many of you likely know me, and know I like wine.  Plus we just joined a wine club.  So I need an app to help track the wine we try and like or not.  I could only find one decent package and this is it.
  • SecureCRT – this is software I have used for years to be my SSH client.  I buy it in the SecureCRT and SecureFX bundled version and it includes both Mac and PC.  So very handy indeed – quality software!
  • BusyCal – this software works very well with Zimbra, and Google, plus iCloud as well.  I quite like it.  I started using it when the Mac Calendar did not work quite right so this solved the problem.  But than I kept it and was happy!
  • Browsers – I do use both Chrome and Firefox as well as Safari.


  • 11/24/17 – added the 2014 to the title so I could do this again.

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