Improving the OmniGraffle modified and created dates in variables

This will be a short post.  When I was updating my network diagram – using OmniGraffle – which I talked about here, I used a variable to represent the modified date, and one to represent the created date.  But they both only did day / date and not time.  It took me a little bit to figure out time.  So this is to remind me, and perhaps to help you!

default is <%CreationDate%> or <%ModificationDAte%>

So you change things like seen below.

Creation date / time – <%CreationDate %m/%d/%y – %H:%M %>

Modified date / time – <%ModifiedDate %m/%d/%y – %H:%M %>

And this will look like what you see below in the date and revised fields.


Hope that this helps!


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