OmniGraffle in the house!

Hello all,

I had some time recently in the mountains with little or no Internet and I needed to update my home lab network diagram.  But my Visio license was gone with my last job.  My current job has a Google tool – Lucid but I had no or very much close to no Internet.    Mountains and all.  So I looked at OmniGraffle.  If I was PC I would have looked at SmartDraw.  But I am a Mac guy, and OmniGraffle did a very good job at importing Visio – which was quite important.    This book helped me get started – but it was not perfect since it was for a previous version.  But it still did help and than this guide helped me a lot and it is free.  I spent a couple of hours working with these two references, and than worked on my diagram, and I am very impressed.  I had a couple of issues that support solved for me, and they were sort of minor.  I am now convinced that OmniGraffle is better for me – now that I have a base level of knowledge, I think it is easier than Visio, but also that more of the power is more easily found and used.  I really like how I can move configuration of something to something else.  I like how I can make changes to things by easily selecting the type of something.  So pretty cool.  I like how it is an App store app so easy to manage in terms of no licenses and easy updates.  I like how it is an native Mac app and from a company that has been around a long time.

So if you are a Mac user that uses Visio in a Fusion VM like I used to, and you want to have something native on a Mac, I suggest and recommend OmniGraffle.


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