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I hope that everyone had an interesting and rewarding week.  And yes, I hope everyone has their Christmas shopping done!  I spent the week with my new employer and traveling.  And now I am home before Christmas and things to do before Santa shows up.  I still have things to share and so we will have a smaller than normal newsletter.  Let me know if you have questions or comments.

BTW, I have written up – with screenshots, what I have told to many.  Why I like the vSphere Web Client.  Check it out here.

Happy Holidays everyone!


How to Install vCloud Automation Center v6.0
Due to the complexity and the excitement these are jumping up all over the internet.  I looked at several I did not like.  For example, some did not mention doing NTP in the vCAC appliances and that is in fact key to do.  So the very best install vCAC I found, and I looked quite close was the one on Kendrick Coleman’s site.  You can find part 1 here.  You can connect to the other parts from that link.  There are six parts total after which you will have a running vCAC environment.  Good luck with it!

Cloud Automation Series: Navigating the vCAC Logical Model
There is a lot of pieces to the vCAC model and this blog helps you understand them and their relationships.  Good info!

Automating vCAC (vCloud Automation Center) 6.0 Identity & Appliance configurations
This is very cool – William has automated the initial config of the two appliances that make up vCAC.  This is quite handy and of course a great example of how important William is for VMware!  Thanks for doing this William!

vCSA fails to reconfigure JVM settings after the vCSA memory is modified
If you change the memory of the vCSA the JVM settings should be modified automatically but they are not.  To resolve this issue check out this KB article.  This is good info for those of you using a vCSA in your lab environment.  It does not need all of the memory it is configured for.

Why is there a “No access” vSphere Role?
I have often wondered this myself, so it was interesting when I heard why there is such a role.  Now of course, it makes perfect sense.

8 weeks of VCAP – The rest of Section 2 – Port Binding, CLI and DPIO
Someone was wondering about the port binding choices, and DirectPath IO and I saw this.  It has some info and of course it is what you should understand for VCAP.

vSphere SDK for Python
This I got from William, but I find interesting for another reason.  Python is something a number of VMware dev guys have told me I should learn.  They thought it a great choice since it was installed on ESXi in the console, but also that it was powerful.  Than I hear from William we now have a SDK so that is sort of cool.  And if you want to learn how to use Python, than check this out.

Learning how to use vCenter Log Insight
Most anyone can install vCenter Log Insight, and anyone can do a search – just type something like error into the search bar and hit return. However there is a lot more to LI, and if you want to learn how to do more than just a simple search there is some great learning available.  How to use search, constraints, aggregations, and fields for example.  This learning will make you a whiz! Great stuff Steve – so thanks.  Here is the LI-InstallConfigure_a – from my VMworld session that can help with install and config with some good links..

vCenter Orchestrator Holiday Gifts
This blog has a list of updates and other information that is quite timely for those interesting in vCO.  Check it out here.

Kerberos authentication for the PowerShell plug-in in VCO 5.5
This will help getting you going in VCO 5.5 and it is a little different process than in previous versions.

Implementing VMware Horizon View on IBM Flex System
I used to use IBM Redbooks long ago when I was a Lotus Domino guy, and when I did IBM servers too.  They generally where very good indeed.  So when I saw this one for doing View on IBM gear I wanted to share it as I think it will be a good resource.

Here is why your Horizon View deployment is not performing to it’s max!
This is a great example of how VMware can use the information from Phone Home projects.  Andre has some excellent information and recommendations for performance right here.

How to enable vC Ops Manager functionality with Win2K8 R2 desktops
While you can have View desktops that are now Win2K8 the vC Ops for View doesn’t support them.  So this for more info and how to make it work.

My lab and the birth of the portable Ikea lack 19″ datacenter rack
This is an interesting article that Frank has done.  A portable rack, and done with IKEA gear.  Very nice.  Quiet is more important to me than mobility, and since I have no place to move my rack to that would be quiet I will not build one of these!

Partner Exchange 2014 Schedule Open
I see that the PEX schedule is now open for booking.  You can find it here.  I have always believed that PEX is the most important VMware event, as it is for partners who are the public face (and make most of VMware’s money).  So I hope that many partners can make it to the event and have a great time as well as learn a lot.  I believe I will be there and will hope to meet anyone who actually reads this!

The Nutanix Bible
Someone I know wanted to learn a little more about Nutanix and while I have shared this amazing site before, here it is again.  It is a great collection of Nutanix info.

A VMware Admins guide to getting started on Twitter
Someone asked me about this and I thought that this was useful and could help.  Some good suggestions and links.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far, and Happy Holidays!


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