Two VMware Data Protection icons in vSphere Web Client?

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A short note to help clear something up.  Literally.  If you upgrade to VMware Data Protection Advanced 5.5.5 like I did today you will have afterwards two VMware Data protection icons in vSphere Web Client.  Sorry I did not take a screenshot.  One will be the old and not functional VDP or VDPA, and one will work.

If you Google, or in my case ask the dev guys, they will say:

Covered in docs on page 26

It will say to use the plug-in manager to remove the one you do not need.  This is not correct nor will it work.

You will need to access the Managed Objects Browser – or MOB for short.


After you authenticate you will see something confusing.  See below for something similar (don’t forget you can click to see a larger picture).


You will need to click on content.


Now click on UnregisterExtension


You will need to type the following in the Value field.  See below the code below the screenshot that should help.



Once you have typed it, you need to use the Invoke Method button.  Think of it as return.

Now if you look back at the main properties screen it should look something like below.


The arrow in the screenshot above is pointing at the new version of VDPA.  You should see it but not the com.vmware.vdp one.

Now if you log out of the vSphere Web Client, and than back in you should only see one VMware Data Protection choice.

You can see more info on removing extensions in this KB article (1025360).  The nice thing about this KB article is it has the list of extensions and what they are which is useful.


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